I’m so upset after reading comments of very “smart” people who hates beautiful Russian gymnasts. I can’t understand many things but THIS ONE is bitter. I always know that people from Russia are very rough, think that they are the best all over the world, like to judge others etc. but I have never thought that people from other countries, which for me were better than Russia, said so much bad words to our gymnasts. Why have you done it? Only because of their tears? Nobody remebers that they are only girls?

I decided to talk about some interesting things because of which people judge our girls:

- their tears: sports are very cruel thing, especially gymnastics. The girls were waiting the Olympics 4 years, training. Their main purpose was the gold medal. Aliya has made very big mistake but Viktoria hasn’t made mistakes. She was fucking AMAZING! Do you understand when you have done everything possible to be the first but you are only the second? They cried because of they are tired. It is very big stress for girls who are only 16-17 years old. 

- their behavior: what did they do wrong? Is it very bad thing - crying? Guys, are you not ashamed to judge them??? They are professional and, please, SHUT UP about their behavior!!! /I’m very politebut now I’m very angry. I’m sorry for my words/They showed us their felling and emotions. When they were given medals they were smiling /if you remember it/. 

Their perfomances were very beautiful and graceful. These girls deserve the gold.

P. S. I didn’t say anything bad about American girl. I have written this post only because of very offensive words of others.

Надеюсь, люди, знающие язык, на котором я сейчас пишу, согласятся со мной. Мне очень обидно за такие ужасные слова со стороны зрителей из других стран. Наши девочки не заслужили таких нападок со стороны. Их слезы - слезы счастья, горечи, усталости и облегчения. Виктория Комова соей элегантностью и артистичностью заслужила золота. В её выступлении не было никаких грубых ошибок, из-за которых можно было бы снизить балы. Она сделала все, что смогла… Именно это и самое обидное. Сделала все, что было в её силах, но осталась второй.

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